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Potential story: What do you think? If you're an editor, feel free to edit. Please don't pass around until it has significant content.

This is the story of a Colonel. This was not any old Colonel, this was the Colonel of an entire line of rams protecting the Beastie. Not being as well off as the Tux colonel, who had a plethora of rams, the beastie colonel had to make sure she could escape a lot faster then Tux and his cohorts. The Tunnel Connecting Passageways beastie created turned out to be a little more sophisticated to those who noticed. The problem is that Tux was able to intercept this TCP traffic, and had the upper hand, as he had all of the rams working on the International Passinglane Secured Everywhere Clause, and in the land of legislation, that was the key. It wasn't easy to have the IPSEC triumph over the TCP traffic, but eventually both sides saw to it that IPSEC was here to say. It's amazing to think a mere human funded so much of the IPSEC funding for Tux personally, John Gilmore.