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Wireless is technology that allows communication without a cable. Radio has been with us for more than 100 years and is the most well known wireless technology. Other wireless technology are infrared and visual light as the bearer of data.

In 1999 wireless ethernet (802.11abg+) became popular first offering 2 Mbps, 11 Mbps, 53 Mbps and currently they advertise 300 Mbps between laptop and base station.

Some people say they are allergic to the microwaves produced by wireless ethernet.

Monitor your wireless connection

$ nmcli dev wifi
$ watch -n 3 cat /proc/net/wireless
$ nmcli connection show
$ nmcli connection show "$NAME"

You can likely find your wireless adapter from:

$ ip addr


$ sudo lshw -C network

we'll assume it's wlan0, replace that below with yours:

$ sudo iwconfig wlan0 | grep -i  quality

In terms of third party apps, I did `apt install wavemon` and then simply run:

$ wavemon