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If you have an Android phone, here is some software that might be of interest:



  • Only have wifi or GPS on while using it, turn it off asap after use.


  • Kies Air from Samsung Apps (allows you to exchange content on the LAN through a web server)


There are a few popular apps you should ensure you've manually backed up the shared secrets for, such as:

You'll need adb for this. On Debian or Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

then you'll want to make a directory to back your files up to:

mkdir android-backup

cd into that directory, and start by backing up all your installed applications:

adb backup -all # Consider adding -apk -obb -shared as well

and now you can also backup your internal sdcard:

adb pull /sdcard/ .

The above assumes you're in android-backup, otherwise replace the . with the directory you want to backup to.


Wipe System, Dalvik, and Cache and flash rom, gapps and magisk again.

Do NOT wipe Data and Internal Storage or you will lose all your data!