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This page is for the editors of this site, please check back here regularly.

Thanks for all your help on this project. Let's try to remember we are not trying to copy Wikipedia, we are a trying to provide a resource written from the perspective from a hacker for the community. Let's make entries that will show examples and hacks related to the subject in question. Please see Ports as an example. There is a basic description, with examples. If the user wants a full explanation of Ports, they can get that from Wikipedia.

If you're looking for somewhere to start editing, check out the most popular pages.

If you're looking to add new content, check out Wanted pages and Lonely pages.

You can track mediawiki system changes I've made at: Editors:Changes

Mediawiki Magic Words such as there are currently 1,592 pages in this wiki.

My next suggestion is that we try to branch out if possible. Hacks don't have to exist on an OS. I added Cider as an example. What about Mechanical, geological, electronic, household item, vehicle, and social hacks?

I'm debating opening this to the public to contribute, drop me an email if you have any opinions on this. I think we have enough editors tracking recent changes that we could survive if it got busy enough to be a concern, which I doubt. My biggest concern will be mediawiki specific spambots, that we'll have to block, wasting our resources.

I've just added an extension that posts updates to http://twitter.com/hackepedia

I've had to add a requirement for email verification in an attempt to stop the spam bots who appear to be getting passed ReCaptcha? I believe I've cleaned up all of the vandalized pages.

I'm not sure how the bots are bypassing this. I've upgraded Mediawiki mediawiki-1.16.2 from 1.16.0.

Thanks again!