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fluxbox is a very lightweight and easily configurable windowmanager.

Autogenerating Menu

In Debian GNU/Linux, if you want to automagically repopulate the fluxbox menu, you will need the "menu" package installed. Ignore the version numbers below:

$ dpkg -l | grep menu
ii  menu                      2.1.24                     provides update-menus functions for some app
ii  menu-xdg                  0.2.1                      freedesktop.org menu compliant window manage
ii  pppconfig                 2.3.11                     A text menu based utility for configuring pp

ii means installed, and the first line of output shows I have it. Once I found out what applications were installed the the package, and I read the Manual for each of the few, I discovered I could do it with the following:

$ update-menu

created "$HOME/.fluxbox/fluxbox-menu" however I use just menu as the menu file name, so then just a simple mv:

$ mv $HOME/.fluxbox/fluxbox-menu $HOME/.fluxbox/menu